Mobile Telesystems in India-Chennai

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Now its official .There had been widespread promotions in Chennai regarding the new mobile operator in Chennai.Today the Mobile Telesytems ,leading mobile operator in Russia, entered Indian cellphone Market under the brand name of MTS with a logo which looks like an egg shaped outline.The ads were displayed in many hoardings regarding few weeks back showing all possible things like eatables,cricket ball and many things in an oval shape to make people guessing as to what it is!..These were the publicity stunts prior to the launch of this operator.


The website of MTS Mobile Telesystems in India is already live and you can visit it here.

Mobile Telesystems India

It promises to offer a lot of offers and benefits for the customers and dealers.Let's see what is in store.

But it will prove to be a tough competitor for existing mobile operators in chennai loke Airtel,Aircel ,Bsnl,Vodafone etc...

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Anonymous April 8, 2009 at 8:53 AM

I don think So any ways .. its gonna be a tough competitor!! they were really attractive about the 10 lacs Mins scheme ... but let us get in depth about the 10 lacs mins ..

Free of 150 Mins Only / day to all calls from MTS To MTS Card holders ( Read it again ), Ultimately the out going of 10 Lac mins are free to only MTS Card holders..

So .. its not 10 lacs free mins .. a good strategy to make all US buy MTS !! A one among the smarter strategiest n the market.. of the many !!! :) Have Fun !!

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